Making Fun Memories on Family Vacations

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Making Fun Memories on Family Vacations

Taking vacations together as a family is always an exciting time. From the moment you pick the destination, to choosing the details of your day to day excursions, it is easy to get lost in the thought of unlimited possibilities. However, with planning and preparation comes the risk that you will have a hard time leaving that headspace, and the trip itself will just fly by! To help counteract that possibility, it is important to dedicate time to pause and take it all in.  Here are a few ways to help you and your kids to reflect on their trip and document their memories that they can treasure for a lifetime!

  • Pictures! Give kids the opportunity to take their own pictures and include an “assignment” for them. Whether it is a goal of capturing as many Disney character’s pictures at Magic Kingdom, or nature items at a national park, they’ll have a fun time searching for items that are meaningful to them. Review the pictures after you get home, and ask open-ended questions to have them talk about the picture they took.

  • Journal Prompts- Encourage kids to keep a journal of their trip. With each Big Adventure Box, we include our custom journal that we designed to help prompt children into reflecting about their trip. If you want to make your own, or verbally communicate questions, think quality over quantity. Kids don’t have to write a whole novel to capture the essence of their travel adventures. Too big of an assignment is often daunting to start. 

  • Take a fun video to ask kids about their favorite experiences at the end of the day. This one is especially great for younger kids or for kids who don’t like writing. At the end of the trip, you can use iMovie or an App to make a collage of the videos, and save for future watching.

  • Take a “Pause” during midday to simply take it all in. Challenge your child to a "Senses Challenge" and ask your kid about questions relating to all 5 senses to help them reflect in the moment. What do you see, hear, smell, feel and taste? While sitting at the beach your kids can notice the seagulls overhead, the sounds of the waves crashing into the shore, or the smell of delicious hotdogs off in the distance.

  • Souvenirs! Of course kids love the chance to buy something to remember their trip, but not everything with value needs to be purchased. It can also be fun to take home a rock from a hike or seashells from the beach to cherish special memories. Help them pick a spot to display the object, and that can be used to help trigger those happy memories.


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