The Benefits of Boredom + Inspiration For Creating Big Adventure Box

The Benefits of Boredom + Inspiration For Creating Big Adventure Box

As a social worker and therapist, I often come across parents who are concerned about their child’s inability to tolerate boredom. They approach me from a genuine place of worry: what happens if my child gets bored? Will it stunt his or her development? As with many things, we equate growth with constantly moving or doing things.

Of course, it’s great for families to go on outings together to have fun, where everyone is engaged and having fun. It is also beneficial for parents to take children with them to do less exciting things such as running errands. It helps build social skills, empathy, kindness, and real world experiences that will help little ones become well-rounded individuals.
At home, it can be especially challenging for kids to entertain themselves, especially alone. With the rise of digital screens such as iPads, Chromebooks, and video games, it can be an even greater challenge. It can be tempting to allow kids to have their endless technology time, however it comes at a cost.

What I tell parents can sometimes surprise them: boredom is a good thing!

When children are bored, they are forced to exercise their creativity and imagination to make fun experiences for themselves. One of the biggest inspirations that Alex and I had for starting Big Adventure Box was to help children put the iPads down and explore the world around them. We think carefully about what we include in our boxes, to help the child realize that they can use creativity to deal with boredom. We want children to feel the joy and happiness from what they create, and to be proud of themselves for pushing themselves to explore. These rewards last longer than a temporary entertainment, and help form long-lasting positive memories.

As we mentioned in an interview, another inspiration to create our company was born from the happiness and nostalgia for the world in which we grew up in. There were summer days, where my friend and I would wait in the corner of our street for hours with the hopes that the ice cream man might possibly drive by. We invented our own games and adventures, where soon it became less about if we would get ice cream, and more about having fun playing together.

Most of adults can probably recall a similar childhood experience. Our hope is that kids nowadays that are growing up in an increasingly distracting environment will be able to use boredom to their advantage. Try to guide child into seeing things from a different perspective. May a rainy day turn into an opportunity to play charades and board games or to jump in puddles. May a weekend visiting grandma and grandpa be a chance to leave the screens at home, and do an art project together that will create loving memories.
Happy exploring!
Amanda Winter
Co-Founder Big Adventure Box


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