What ages are the boxes intended for?

3-12 is our suggested range. However, we know every kid is different, and the age range is not exclusive. Parents know best.

I leave for vacation next week! Can I still order?

We have a one week window (7 days), which allows us time to prepare the box and the transit days after it has been shipped. If you are leaving soon, you also have the option to have the box delivered at your final destination. On the order form select "Deliver: At Destination" and we will know to do so.

If my child wants to order a second box will the items be different?

Yes! We rotate new items in based on trends, seasonal offerings, or even just new gadgets that catch our attention. Repeat boxes will include some core items, such as a way to document the trip. If possible, please include a note with your repeat order to ensure that we can make it as new and exciting as possible.

Can you ship to our final destination?

Absolutely. Choose "Deliver: At Destination" and the date when you arrive by. We will notify the recipient that they are to hold the package until you arrive.

Is there a return policy?

Before your box is delivered, you can contact us to cancel the order. However, after the box has been delivered, we will accept returns with a $10 restocking fee.

My order won’t go through. What should I do?

Contact us! We will do our best to help.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated based on your location. Typically USPS is the least costly option.


What comes in my adventure box?

Who doesn't love a good surprise? We believe in the magic of not knowing the exact details of what you're getting until the box is opened, but we can offer up a few clues. Each box will always contain the following: a way to document the trip, comfort object, and personalized letter. The other contents will include a combination of distraction activities for the traveling portion, as well as fun and creativity items that can be enjoyed during the trip (and after!).

How long will it take to receive my Adventure Box?

Boxes will be shipped out within 3-5 business days of order placement. We ask for the travel date with the order so we can ensure that the box arrives before you leave.

 I'm interested in becoming a supplier to Big Adventure Box. Do you work with new vendors?

As long as the product passes our quality and standard requirements, we are always open to working with new vendors. Samples are preferred. Contact us and a purchaser will be in touch.